Herbed Spinach Quinoa

Spinach Quinoa

Quinoa is my lunch buddy. Seriously. I LOVE to have quinoa for lunch since it is such a handy combination of carbohydrates and protein. But that isn't the only reason I love quinoa. It's just so damn versatile. I can put some quinoa in a pan cook it up with whatever herbs and veggies I have on hand and BAM! Delish!


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One Pot Étouffée Rice

Étouffée Rice

The other weekend we were busy buzzing around the house and working in the yard, which is a standard weekend ritual. Another weekend tendency of mine is to cook a little  low maintenance food for us so that when we come inside, all hot and sweaty, the wafting aroma of a welcoming meal is already waiting. There aren't many better things in my book.


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Polenta with Beets, Chard and Mushrooms in a Cabernet Broth

Polenta with Beets and greens

The simplest food can be savored in the most stunning ways.

This little recipe looks like a showstopper but is actually a simple weekday meal. Taking an extra second to plate the food in an unexpected way makes all the difference.

There is nothing crazy fancy going on here. Just a little ordinary polenta, some roasted beets and a quick mushroom and swiss chard sauté. The magic happens in the plating....

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Kitchen (and Blog) Siesta: A Summer Vacation

Untitled designHello Lovlies!

Today I find myself days away from September, waking up from what seems like a long summer's nap.

I blame my awakening on the weather.  Texas' usual blistering August swelter has given pause for a welcomed overcast and markedly cooler day. The thrill of peekaboo rain clouds rouses an energy in all of us that have spent the summer hunkered down in our dog day hibernations. A chance of rain and a cooler, cloudier day is downright stirring to this Texas girls soul!

Time to get out of this vacation mentality and get busy pumping out some yummy recipes!...

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The Best Damn Meal Plan!

Meal plan-4

Photo Credit: Happy Herbivore Meal Mentor. Featuring some of this weeks line up of delicious plant food!

I have been a long-time fan of Lindsay Nixon's Happy Herbivore blog for years and follow it frequently. I knew she had developed many great cookbooks, many that I own, and most recently she created her meal plans, called Meal Mentor. Since I have my own blog creating recipes I figured that I didn't need a meal plan. But lately life has been getting a little busy around here and I figured it may be a great time to try out her meal plan, just to save me some time on having to plan for my own meals.

So I signed up, knowing I could cancel anytime when things settled down for me, and return to doing my own thing. But after the first week of using Lindsay's plan I couldn't imagine going back to life without it. Now one month after using the plans I am leaner, have more free time, and am saving a ton at the grocery store! My mine is blown and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Here are just a few things I love about my meal plans:


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